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Why use a professional tutor?

College entrance and access to scholarship awards get more and more competitive every year, even to quality in-state schools. Parents all over the country seek out professional ACT & SAT tutors to maximize the college outlook and financial awards of their children. A few months of tutoring with a professional instructor with Raymond Advantage could reap tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships.

Tutoring Length

The normal tutoring length is 10 full sessions (100 minutes each) followed by 3-5 practice tests where we go over what questions are missed. This is highly variable.

There are some common factors that influence the amount of tutoring required: 1. the student’s preparation from school; 2. the student’s commitment to do assignments correctly; 3. the student’s commitment to learn what is taught; 4. the time before the next ACT or SAT; 5. the student’s schedule; and 6. whether or not a student has a learning disability.

Most of the score increases are attained during the 3-5 practice tests AFTER the main curriculum has been presented. This is when the materials are usually fully comprehended by the student.


Our Guarantee

We stand behind our work. When a student completes ten 100-minute sessions, a 3 point ACT composite increase and 150 point SAT score increase are guaranteed. Up to 5 additional sessions at no cost will occur weekly. This guarantee does not cover students who are testing at or above the 90th percentile when they become Raymond Advantage students.

Compare us to the competition.

Other Tutors

  • Insane contracts
  • No custom worksheets
  • No curriculum
  • Only use practice tests
  • Do not focus on increasing knowledge
  • Do not record sessions for review
  • Do not include adaptive thinking

Group Classes

  • Focus purely on test-taking tactics
  • Most gains are due to more experience with the test
  • Often multi-day, multi-hour events where too much material is given than can be absorbed
  • Group environment allows students to slack off and take mental vacations
  • Instructors may not be prepared to instruct in all areas of the test

Proprietary Materials

We have hundreds of pages of proprietary materials developed through a decade of experience working with students. Our manuals and worksheets are designed to enhance the tutoring experience and reveal weaknesses in a student’s abilities. Many tutors only have students take practice sections and go over missed questions. This strategy is not effective. And is not even teaching!

Online Tutoring

Our no-compromise online tutoring means you can learn from the comfort of your home, wherever you are. GoToMeeting and a document camera make it like we’re next to each other. Once you sign up as a student, we will mail you a document camera so that your instructor can see what you are writing when needed.


No Contracts

We don’t require long term contracts. You pay for what you need, and that’s it. Many tutoring companies require that 10 or more hours be purchased at a time with a sliding scale to incentivize larger purchases. Every student is different, and you only pay for what your student needs.

Recorded Sessions

Every session is recorded and uploaded to Vimeo, so it is always available to help again. You can’t do that with in-person tutoring!

Getting Started

  1. Schedule a phone consultation by calling (323) 844-1880 or emailing [email protected]
  2. Pay the $150 registration fee ($50 is refundable upon acceptable return of the document camera).
  3. Have a recent ACT or SAT score or take a practice test under simulated test environment.
  4. Schedule your first tutoring session!

Let's Get Started Today.

Julian is a very, very smart man. Not only did he correctly diagnose my daughter’s learning disability (her teachers told me there was nothing wrong; the psychologist we hired later said that he was right on the money in every area that he identified), but he also tutored her to an 8 POINT INCREASE on the ACT — a game changer in the world of college admissions. Julian has obviously put a lot of thought into how best to motivate each of his students based on their personality types and learning styles. He is professional, caring, and really good at this stuff. I cannot recommend more highly.

Christie Ayotte Bear JD

Family Attorney, The Baer Law Firm, LLC

I am the Medical Director at Palmetto Health Acute Care Unit for geriatric patients, and I have come to rely on Julian’s expertise in editing and writing whenever I have to give presentations to my colleagues or out in the community. I can count on him to see every place my writing can get better, and having him look over my work before I put it out in the world is just one less stressor in my life. When my stepson was old enough, I hired Julian to help him with SAT prep, and he did an amazing job. Julian was able to motivate my stepson to study hard for the first time in his life!

Tobin Moss MD

Medical Director, Palmetto Health ACE/ACU

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