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One page can make the difference between getting an interview and getting circular filed (that’s in the trash). You know it should only be one page, right? We have experience in several fields where weeding through hundreds of resumes (we can drop the fancy é, right?) became an exhausting process.

Misspelled word. Tossed. Silly formatting. No way. Embarrassing email address. Yeah right.

Resumes are terrifying because they can mean having a roof over our head, being stuck in the same dead-end job, or actually being happy with what we’re doing with our lives.

You should have someone examine your resume. The stakes are too high to leave it up to chance.


Cover Letters

So we’re all already scared of sending resumes, but did you know that cover letters are just as important as your resume? After you meet the basic qualifications for a position, a prospective employer wants to hire a person. They need to get to know you and understand how and why you are applying for a position at their firm.

There are many common errors when it comes to cover letters. The most egregious (other than not including one) is simply restating aspects of your resume. You’re telling your prospective boss that she can’t read?

Let’s demystify this process and send the best representation of you out into the job market. We’ll help you connect with prospective employers, so you’ll be more likely to get the interview for the next job that could make your career.

Let's get started.

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