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Do you honestly remember when to use commas? Do you know the proper usage of semicolons? Chances are, there are a few pedantic rules that slip past all of us. Sometimes, even when we know the rules, we still can’t see our own mistakes.

From high school through retirement, how you express yourself in the written form greatly influences how other people see you. We can help you clean up the important documents to make sure they’re ready for everyone to see.

Content Creation

Having a fresh set of eyes or a conversation about your aims can really get your creative process moving forward. We’ve all been there when we are on a deadline, and we just can’t make our brains create. We have assisted in content creation ranging from feature films script rewriting to presentations by medical doctors to their peers.

If you need more than just assistance to realize your vision, we do offer full content creation services including websites, blog content creation, PowerPoint slide presentations, and more. We accept jobs on an hourly basis for these services, so feel free to message us below for more details.


We offer the purchase of editing services with a minimum of 30 minutes. Editing is charged per-minute with a minimum of 5 minutes per document. We have a number of professionals who send us emails, newsletters, and blog posts to read throughout the month and keep current accounts with us. Most editing jobs are finished by the next business day.

Content creation pricing is estimated with a maximum number of hours of work defined in the estimate. We will give you an estimated delivery date when you contact us for the job.

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