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Although it’s online, it’s like we’re sitting next to each other. You can learn from the comfort of your home, and we have the tech and experience to recreate in-person tutoring.


Our Guarantee

We stand behind our work. Many of our services, like test prep tutoring, come with minimum guarantees once students have completely requirements. Ask us for details.

Recorded Sessions

Every session is recorded and uploaded to Vimeo, so it is always available to help again. You can’t do that with in-person tutoring!


Proprietary Materials

We have hundreds of pages of proprietary materials developed through a decade of experience working with students. We can target weaknesses and develop them into strengths.


No Contracts

We don’t require long term contracts for any service. You pay for what you need, and that’s it. Be worried about tutors who make you sign long contracts.

Quick Turnaround

Time matters when you need your résumé examined. We offer expedited, same-day service to most of our clients.

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Raymond Advantage specializes in ACT and SAT test preparation. We have worked with hundreds of students over nearly a decade to perfect our curriculum and methods to have the greatest impact. We also help students prepare for college entry by helping in the application processes for admissions and scholarships.

We proudly offer more general services for people of all ages including general subject tutoring, content editing and creation, and résumé writing.

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Julian is a very, very smart man. Not only did he correctly diagnose my daughter’s learning disability (her teachers told me there was nothing wrong; the psychologist we hired later said that he was right on the money in every area that he identified), but he also tutored her to an 8 POINT INCREASE on the ACT — a game changer in the world of college admissions. Julian has obviously put a lot of thought into how best to motivate each of his students based on their personality types and learning styles. He is professional, caring, and really good at this stuff. I cannot recommend more highly.

Christie Ayotte Bear JD

Family Attorney, The Baer Law Firm, LLC

I am the Medical Director at Palmetto Health Acute Care Unit for geriatric patients, and I have come to rely on Julian’s expertise in editing and writing whenever I have to give presentations to my colleagues or out in the community. I can count on him to see every place my writing can get better, and having him look over my work before I put it out in the world is just one less stressor in my life. When my stepson was old enough, I hired Julian to help him with SAT prep, and he did an amazing job. Julian was able to motivate my stepson to study hard for the first time in his life!

Tobin Moss MD

Medical Director, Palmetto Health ACE/ACU

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How do I improve my ACT score?

How do I improve my ACT score? 23 JUNE 2016 Julian Raymond Many students who have just received their ACT scores immediately wonder how they will be able to increase their scores to get into their dream school and get the most scholarship money possible. The great...
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BIGGEST Comma Mistake

We’re going over the biggest comma mistake that students make on the ACT English on the Raymond Advantage Blog today.

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Summer hasn't even started for everyone, and the next school year is already rapidly approaching. It's time to start planning for your test dates next year. We need to start preparing for the September ACT in early July! Summer is the best time for test prep because...

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